We’re at the cutting edge of cardiovascular research. Day in, day out, our researchers are working to discover new ways to reduce the number of people dying from cardiovascular disease and to help those who are already suffering. With each new discovery comes the potential to improve or save a life.
I’m thankful that we got those extra 16 years with my dad, how different my life would have been to lose him at 6 instead of 24. 
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Did you know?

More than 1.4 million Canadians have heart disease.

It is also one of the leading causes of death in Canada, claiming more than 33,600 lives per year.

Every 7 minutes, someone in Canada has a heart attack.

Almost 14,000 Canadians die each year as the result of a heart attack. 

Remarkable progress has been made tackling cardiovascular disease in Canada over the past 60 years

Mortality rates have declined by more than 75 per cent. 

How our research is treating heart disease

The regenerative power of stem cells

While treatments for arterial blockages have previously been very limited, new stem cell research by our Cell Therapeutics Group is demonstrating that it’s actually possible for the body to grow new blood vessels. Not only that, these blood vessels can substantially increase blood flow.

Breakthrough in world's only stroke drug

Scientists in our Thrombosis Group has discovered a potential way to improve the world's only stroke drug, a breakthrough which may better protect stroke sufferers from brain injury.

Stent coating fools body into better acceptance

Scientists in our Immunobiology and Translational Research and Bioengineering Groups are working together to develop the world’s first stent coating technology using a biomimicry approach that fools the body so that it integrates with the foreign stent.



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