About Us

The Heart Research Institute is an internationally recognised medical research institute that performs groundbreaking cardiovascular research. Our work stretches far and wide.
Established in 1989, The Heart Research Institute is a world-class research institute and a hub for scientific excellence in cardiovascular research.

Today the HRI has more than 150 personnel, working in 12 scientific groups, with research collaborations in 20 countries. We have a fundraising presence here in Canada, as well as the USA, New Zealand, the UK and The Netherlands.

Our scientists come from around the world and are focused on understanding the causes and complications of cardiovascular disease. We're at the forefront of conducting innovative research to prevent, detect and treat the world’s number one killer.

More than 25 years on, this model is more relevant than ever. Integrating medical research with the delivery of health services has become a mantra for how contemporary medical research institutes should organise themselves for translational impact and improved public health outcomes.

Our Vision.

To improve global health through excellence in medical research.

Our Mission.

By understanding the causes and complications of cardiovascular disease.

Our Ambition.

To be the most influential cardiovascular research institute in the world. 

International Trustees

Meet our International Trustees, led by Mr Anthony Pollitt. 

Join our team of talented researchers

The Institute is currently seeking highly motivated, results-focused PhD students to conduct research. Be part of the team working to prevent death and suffering from cardiovascular disease.