HRI scientist leading the world in blood vessel regrowth

Zoe Clayton joined The HRI as a research assistant, working for Dr. Sanjay Patel and Associate Prof. Martin Ng in the Translational Research Group.  Zoe completed her Masters degrees (BSc/MSc - Honours) in Physiology and is currently completing her PhD here at the Institute. Zoe is currently a member of the Cell Therapeutics Group, led by Dr Sanjay Patel. 

I’m investigating the ability of certain novel cell types to promote new blood vessel growth (angiogenesis) in cardiovascular disease settings,” she says.

“My biggest aim at the moment is to successfully complete my PhD and hopefully demonstrate that the cell types I’m working with have therapeutic potential. At this stage, my longer-term goal is to stay in research and pursue a post-doctoral fellowship after finishing my PhD. Ideally something in the stem cell field or in the regulation of angiogenesis/strategies for achieving therapeutic angiogenesis,” she says.

“To anybody already donating to The Heart Research Institute I would say a very big thank you,” says Zoe.

“The donations make a huge difference. They’ve provided us with excellent facilities, consumables and equipment, so we have access to the resources we need to do great research in a timely manner. Donations also help young/early career scientists to get started in research and allow us to work on projects that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to pursue”.


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