The Heart Research Institute celebrates diversity


Just as our work travels around the world, so do people travel around the world to work at The Heart Research Institute.

On a world map in HRI’s headquarters kitchen our colleagues have placed pins which indicate the location of their birth. There are pins in 39 different countries from Croatia to China and New Zealand to the Netherlands spanning all (inhabited) continents.

It was no surprise then that the recent ‘Taste of Harmony’ held on Monday March 23rd was such a success.

Part of March’s Harmony Week and described as a ‘delicious way to celebrate your workplace's cultural diversity’, Taste of Harmony is an annual event where workers are encouraged to share food and stories of their cultural background.

Senior Research Officer Dr. Melissa Farnham coordinated the event with the help of the HRI social committee. “After the success of our inaugural 2014 Taste of Harmony day, everyone was looking forward to this year’s feast and we sure did deliver!’ said Melissa. “Taste of Harmony 2015 was a huge success with over 60 dishes from 30 countries lovingly prepared and shared with close to 100 HRI staff and students’ she added.

Those attending enjoyed a wide range of sweet and savory and dishes from across the globe – meals from Ireland to Iran and sweets from the United Kingdom to the United States.

The diversity of The Heart Research Institute is definitely one of our strengths.

As a well as making our workplace more interesting, people from different backgrounds often have different ways of doing things. Scientists from such diverse backgrounds bring many points of view to scientific problems. They may have quite different perspectives on the world, and science benefits from such diversity.

Likewise scientists have different strengths and different interests. Not only do people from different backgrounds choose to investigate different questions, but they may approach the same question in different ways, all of which benefits our research.

With the ever increasing diversity of our organisation, staff here at The Heart Research Institute are already looking forward to next year’s Taste of Harmony celebration.