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Every day brings us closer to finding a cure for cardiovascular disease - a leading cause of death in Canada. Here is the latest from our research laboratories.

Why are smokers more likely to get heart disease?

Smokers have a much higher risk of heart disease than non-smokers, with smokers about four times more likely to die from heart disease. New research from the Heart Research Institute’s Inflammation Group has uncovered a possible explanation for this higher risk: the presence of certain oxidants in the bloodstream, which may stop “good” cholesterol from doing its job.
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Marcus Blackmore Fellowships

Thanks to funds generously donated to The Heart Research Institute, the Marcus Blackmore Fellowships have been established. The Fellowships have been named in recognition of the generous contributions Marcus Blackmore AM has made to heart research both personally and through Blackmores Limited. This funding gives scientists from the UK and Europe an opportunity to work at The Heart Research Institute, collaborating with the various research groups to continue advancing our world-class research. The Institute is pleased to announce this major new initiative to support the professional development of these outstanding young research scientists.
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