Dr Ben Rayner awarded Young Investigator Award at international meeting

Awards and Achievements

Here at The Heart Research Institute we have always known that we have some of the most hard working and gifted scientists and researchers in the field. For that reason it is particularly encouraging when this effort and talent gets acknowledged.

HRI’s Dr Ben Rayner was given the Young Investigator Award at the recent meeting of The Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine (SFRBM) held in Seattle in November.

This award went to the best poster presentations and was assessed by a panel of international judges.

Ben, along with other researchers from the Inflammation and Free Radical groups (including postdocs and a cohort of PhD students) was part of the HRI team who attended the conference along with over 500 other scientists from around the world.

‘The HRI is extremely supportive of the staff and students in allowing them to attend these meetings’ says Ben.

 ‘The meetings, in turn, are of enormous benefit in that we get to learn, first hand, what the international research community is doing (new techniques etc.) and also get their (and the HRI’s) name recognised on the world stage.’

The conference was a series of presentations and lectures given by invited speakers as well as delegate’s chosen abstracts. The SFRBM is unique in that it also offers a pre-conference workshop, this year entitled “Translation of Redox Methodology from Bench to Bedside – Problems and Solutions”, as well as a series of “Sunrise Free Radical Schools” in the early morning, prior to the lectures. These dealt with topics such as redox biology in health and disease; nitric oxide biology; enzymatic structure, function and malfunction. Ben describes this as a ‘back to basics school’.

The HRI team are now back hard at work in the labs, having brought home not only the Young Investigator Award, but a renewed enthusiasm for their valuable work into heart research.

Congratulations Ben.


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