“Heart research saves lives and I’m living proof"

Karlie's story

At age 27 Karlie had no idea her life was hanging by a thread until the day agony struck out of the blue. Watching a movie at home, “I started feeling a strong pain in my chest and both my wrists,” she remembers.

Within a short period of time crushing chest pain saw her rush to the local hospital emergency department. To her utter shock, she was told: “You're having a heart attack.”

A blockage was found in one of the main arteries supplying blood to Karlie’s heart and three stents were inserted to reopen the artery. The blood vessels of Karlie’s heart are now supported and kept open by these small metal scaffolds resulting in normal blood flow. 

Karlie is so thankful for the knowledge that saved her, she is now a generous monthly supporter to The Heart Research Institute. 

“Heart research saves lives and I’m living proof … thanks to advances in heart research… these stents are keeping me alive!”

Our scientists have made many discoveries over The Heart Research Institute’s 25 years. Among the most exciting are those that translate laboratory knowledge into better patient care and give people with heart disease more years to enjoy life.

The work we do is meticulous and progress is gradual; but each new insight takes us closer to a day when heart disease no longer causes grief and suffering.

We’re very proud to have Karlie as a supporter. If you would like to share your story with us, please contact us.

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